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Blog: Sick Note

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Sorry for the lack of updates lately, I have been POORLY. Every so often I get a bout of Cellulitis as a result of having mild Psoriasis - usually when I'm KNACKERED. That's what happened on Thursday, so I followed the usualy Medical Advice and retired to my BED to watch DVDs (NB that last bit isn't actually part of the prescription, but still). This usually sorts it out within 24 hours but today, four days later, I'm STILL poorly! I AM on the mend at last tho, so things out to be back to normal soon, but it's been a bit virulent this time around.

It HAS meant that I've had a lot of time to lie around IN FEVER thinking up IDEAS tho, and my new Ideas Book is filling up at SPEED, so watch out - they'll be heading your way as soon as I'm BACK!

posted 18/1/2010 by MJ Hibbett

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