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Blog: Updating The Records (of records)

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It's always exciting when a NEW RECORDS enters into the hallowed halls of our DISCOGRAPHY and this is ESPECIALLY so for me as it's the first new album to get added since we moved websites and, THRILLINGLY, went over to a database-based system of STUFF.

FOR LO! I have just added Forest Moon Of Enderby to the list of ALBUMS and it's little brother Hibbett's Superstore to the Multimedia Extras section.

This latter is the most exciting bit for me as there's a TONNE of songs there that hardly anybody's ever heard - the title track is one of my favourite things I've ever done and I am EAGER to have the various INSTRUMENTALS foisted onto people at last. I am, however, aware that the main event is the full ALBUM'S worth of Validators material that makes up the CD Proper, THUSLY:

Billy Jones Is Dead
Never Going Back To Aldi's
The Merchant Ivory Punks
The Other Rush Hour
Other Bands' Setlists
City Centres
Leave My Brother Alone
Graffiti On The Cenotaph
The Primal Rhythms Of The Bolivian Nose Flautist
Let The Weird Band Win
Praise The Traffic Warden
The Drummer's Lament
Music Of The Future (MEGAMIX)

It is, I have to say, rather a SPIFFING collection of songs. When we were compiling it I was surprised by how much i LIKED it - if only we were the sort of band who practiced a LOT (or, indeed, AT ALL) I would be constantly agitating to get The Other Rush Hour, for instance, into the set, and the JOYOUS Big Finish for The Drummer's Lament is a thing of beauty to behold.

As I said last week, this probably won't be available to BUY until October, as I've got Indietracks and Edinburgh to ROCK through first, but when it does it'll be accompanied by the usual array of special offers, maybe a VIDEO and definitely a whole new season of Totally Acoustic where I'll be trying to play at least ONE song from EACH of these albums at every gig. As most of them have NEVER been played live before, this could be something of a CHALLENGE!

In the meantime though you WILL be able to buy copies out our forthcoming GIGS in Leicester, Kirby Muxloe and, indeed, INDIETRACKS. I'm going to take a couple of boxes with me, so please come and buy them if you're at the gigs, I REALLY don't want to have to lug them all the way home again!

posted 19/7/2010 by MJ Hibbett

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