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Blog: Hello Librarians!

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This morning I got a MARVELLOUS email from Mr D Nicholls pointing out that Dinosaur Planet is featured in the current edition of CILIP Update, the official magazine of the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals. Here's our page in full - click for bigger!

click for bigger

Part of yesterday morning's GLUMS was due to the (percieved by me) lack of HUGE MEDIA COVERAGE for the album, so this was a LOVELY surprise. It's an honour to be featured by such an AUGUST institution, and I hope the album's message of a world saved by proper academic research methods RESONATES with all their readers!

posted 17/2/2012 by MJ Hibbett

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Not just a full cover shot, but also a nice picture of you there too bottom right.
posted 17/2/2012 by Pete

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