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Blog: Preparations

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After the excitement of The Event on Sunday, Monday was very much a day of sitting quietly, THINKING, and getting some PREP done, as Rennaissance Week continues APACE. I've spent much of the past 24 hours strolling the streets mumbling to myself, getting ready for my spot at Bright Club tonight when I'll be doing 8 minutes (APPROX) of STAND UP.

I'm quite SANGUINE about it, which may be rather foolish - I'm basically doing one of the stories from 'My Exciting Life In ROCK' cut down a little bit, which ought to be fine. The only POSSIBLE danger is that I'm not on until near the end, so FEAR and BEER may have got the better of my by then.

Meanwhile I'm simultaneously getting ready for OTHER events. As is TRADITIONAL Steve and I will be doing the London Popfest POPQUIZ on Sunday afternoon at The Lexington, and we have both been GIGGLING away on CLEVER rounds. I've got one involving ROUNDS, but Steve's Secret Clever Round is, I think, going to TOP it.

And all the while, in the background to this, I'm working on the VIDEO for our next free download single, "A Little Bit" which will be released on February 29th. Last night Mr FA Machine sent me the FINAL bit of video (well, apart from one more bit I need to do myself) and I've started to make the penultimate version. It looks BLOODY MARVELLOUS I must say, there's a huge variety of contributions from people all over the planet and put together it is a thing of WONDER. I will, of course, be plugging it in the Super Special LEAP YEAR edition of the newsletter next week, and I'm also going to send out the usual press releases to see if I can get any BLOGS to cover it. I do hope they do, it's looking LOVELY.

I've also got a GIG to do on Thursday for Popfest, a TOUR to book for April, and a whole lot of other Dinosaur Planet related FUTURE PUBLICITY SCHEMES to work on - the album newsfeed may have run DRY for now, but rest assured, there will be a HECKLOAD more to come!

posted 21/2/2012 by MJ Hibbett

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