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Not one but TWO similar (also, DELIGHTFUL) emails awaited me when I logged in today, BOTH from people sporting Dinosaur Planet T-Shirts. It was a bit of a surprise - I hadn't ASKED for any pictures, and I haven't HAD any for MONTHS, so to get two on the same day was a) ODD b) utterly lovely.

You can see Mr Matt Breach and Mr Marcel Plaum in all their finery over on the Dinosaur Planet website where - hey hey! - you can also BUY one of these items for yourself, should you so wish.

And then after I'd seen THEM i also saw this list of The Top Ten Albums Of 2012 (so far) from Keep Pop Loud. Goodness me! LOOK what is at number one!

I don't know WHY all these marvellous things should appear this morning, but i'm very glad they did - thanks everyone!

posted 9/7/2012 by MJ Hibbett

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