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Blog: Video Leakage

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Last week I was very soberly talking about how the video for Don't, Darren, Don't would be UNLEASHED at the end of the month. Even then I doubted my RESOLVE - it's SUCH an ACE video that holding on to it AT ALL has been difficult, and added to that things are SO QUIET at the moment that a natural-born ATTENTION SEEKER like me is chomping at the bit for something to show-off about.

So, yesterday, I decided to reschedule for next Monday and sent a PRESS RELEASE to that effect. You can read it on the press releases page right NOW if you so wish - the basic THRUST is we've done a video! UNFORTUNATELY this did mean that i needed to make the video PUBLIC so that any visiting JOURNALISTS could look at it, which meant that... well, it meant that people could FIND it and LOOK at it.

I was worried about this, of course,but consoled myself with the thought that, here in the modern world, RELEASE DATES are a thing of the past. OFFICIALLY we're still releasing the download single on MONDAY, so although I've already set up the webpage with the video and download on it I'm not going to OFFICIALLY link to it until Monday. But hey! if someone were to FIND it and LOOK at it and maybe even spread it around the interweb a bit, then that is something I would just have to take on board, living in the modern age as we do.

If you do SOMEHOW manage to track it down, I hope you enjoy it - but otherwise it'll be here for you on Monday!

posted 11/7/2012 by MJ Hibbett

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