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Blog: Video Release Day

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At last it can be OFFICIALLY UNLEASHED: for LO! you can now see the video and download a FREE MP3 of Don't Darren Don't by EITHER going to or, indeed, by looking BELOW:

(download single from soundcloud above, or right click here to download direct)

I am EXTRAORDINARILY PROUD of this video - a huge amount of effort went into it from all corners and the result, I think, is RATHER GORGEOUS!

It's also a bit of a MILESTONE as it marks the final phase of the whole Dinosaur Planet PROJECT. This is the last of the series of videos that we've made for the album, which in itself feels like quite a big deal, as I've spent a LOT of the past year putting them together, with the help of all SORTS of lovely people.

We've still got the "launch gigs" (hem hem) of course - me and The Validators are playing at Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes in London on Saturday, and at The Red House as part of Tramlines in Sheffield on Sunday - but then all that's left to do is for me and Steve to re-learn the original STAGE SHOW ready for The Green Man Festival in August.

And once THAT'S done... well, I'm sure there'll be more Dinosaur Planet ACTION coming (hopefully some school plays!) but that'll be the end of the BIG PUSH we've been on since the album was released. SO, with that in mind, any help anyone can give us getting this video OUT to other people would be MOST appreciated - like tha album itself, I think the video is ACE, and I'd quite like people to SEE it!

posted 16/7/2012 by MJ Hibbett

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