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Blog: Glory Days

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Competent Professional Musician that I am (hem hem) I have been indulging in some PRACTICING over the past week.

First priority has been trying to remember how to play an OLD SONG that we're going to be playing at our Validators gigs this weekend. I haven't played it for YEARS so was relieved to find out that it's a) quite easy b) rather good FUN. It's nice when one of my own songs drifts far enough away from my BRANE to be a surprise when it comes back, but not SO far away that the words are impossible to relearn!

I've also been having a go at some COVER VERSIONS. I'm singing Glory Days with The PopArt AllStars on Saturday (in the English Translastion, obviously) so I've been BELLOWING that out, as well as a couple of Bus-Appropriate tunes for Sunday. I'm doing a set on the Buskers' Bus at about 5pm at Tramlines - hey! it's traditional for me to play a public transport themed festival at this time of year, and I always like to do a MOBILE GIG as part of it - and they said COVERS would be good, so I'm having a go at "Summer Holiday" and "The Wheels On The Bus". Hopefully "Glory Days" will be in there too.

And as if to CELEBRATE this, Mr J Jervis has made the Validators' version of the song, which we recorded for the Play Some Pool, Skip Some School, Act Real Cool compilation a couple of years ago, a FREE DOWNLOAD!

All right, I SUPPOSE it's more likely that it's to mark Mr B Springsteen's trip to our SHORES this week, rather than ME playing it, but still - if you'd like to NAB this (ARGUABLY SUPERIOR) version of the song, go to sort of now-ish and you can get yourself a copy. You'll find that OUR version doesn't go on HALF as long as his - that's why WE never get DONE by the council for going over our time slot at all-dayers!

posted 17/7/2012 by MJ Hibbett

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