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Blog: Totally Acoustic End Of Season Finale

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Yesterday I upload the first part of the Totally Acoustic Season Finale. It features all the acts from last year's Summer Special (almost EXACTLY a year ago, crikey!) and the first half of the series just finished, so that means you've got A Fine Day For Sailing, David Barnett, John Otway, Model Village, Elizabeth Morris, Jim'll's Brain, Jimmy McGee and A Little Orchestra, all in the space of half an hour!

Listening back to it I thought a variety of things, mostly "COR! What a GRATE thing this was!" but I was also AMUSED to find that the SEGUES were a lot harder to do. When I do a normal podcast i DELIGHT in editing the recordings using APPLAUSE - for some reason you can usually cross-fade applause without anyone being able to hear the join, thereby easily cutting down a half hour set into about ten minutes - but this time it was pretty much IMPOSSIBLE, due to the variation in audience size from one show to the next. Some nights were PACKED, others... much less so.

And THAT, i think, is the BEST thing about doing a podcast. Even if only NINE people turn up one night, the RECORDING is there for HUNDREDS more people to listen to. Of course, the podcast doesn't feature the BEER and the CHAT and the general LARKS that attend the live performances, but then they don't feature the HANGOVERS that traditionally come afterwards either.

And best of all, these FINALES (there's another one coming next month featuring the second half of the series) will hopefully give some of these acts a wider audience, if FANS of one band come by to listen to people they've already heard of, and find new ones they haven't. There's some MARVELLOUS material on there, and more to come next time - hope you enjoy it!

posted 18/7/2012 by MJ Hibbett

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