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Blog: T-Shirt Panic

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Among the MANY excellent aspects of ordering our t-shirts through ShirtySomething is that they use Interlink Express for their deliveries, who tell you TO THE HOUR when they'll deliver your package. Not "Sometime between 7am and 9pm unless we're busy in which goodness knows" but, in yesterday's case "Between 13:37 and 14:37". I don't know why they pick such odd times to have it between, but they always seem to, and i LIKE it.

Thus I was able to conduct my usual Working From Home Business yesterday without the constant PANIC that if I go upstairs, or listen to a record, or - HEAVEN FORFEND - pop to the paper shop I would miss the delivery. The parcel came at just after 2pm and I SCURRIED to the kitchen to look upon my GOODS.

The order was for the kids' size t-shirts that I was on about a few weeks ago, and when I opened the packet I was happy to find the extra-small sizes I'd asked for. Leafing through,however, PANIC set in. The next batch seemed to be Normal Small sized... and here was some medium, and some large and... OH MY LORD! ADULT SIZES!!

I looked more and yes, they did look EXACTLY the same as all the others I'd had. DISASTER! DOOM! My first thought was "OH GOD now I've got even MORE unsold adult sized t-shirts to store!" closely followed by "I'll have to reschedule another delivery for NEXT week! ARGH!!"

In my PANIC I rang Rog at Shirtysomething DIRECT, who calmly took me through it. "The first label says 'XS Youth'" I said. "That sounds right," he replied. "Yes, but the others say Medium Youth..." "Yes, that's right too, how odd." Had they sent wrongly LABELLED t-shirts then? What was going on?!?

It was at this point that I UNFOLDED the t-shirts and found that... um... they WERE kid-sized after all. They had just LOOKED like adult sizes because THE LOGO IS THE SAME SIZE!

Yes. The logo is the same size on kids' t-shirts, and THAT was what I was looking at so... er... I offered a CRAVEN APOLOGY to Rog, who was very nice about it. IN MY DEFENCE we had had SO MANY problems with Dinosaur Planet related items in the past (who can forget the HELLISH NIGHTMARE of trying to get the albums pressed correctly?) that I am pretty much PROGRAMMED to expect DISASTER, but still, I did feel like A Bit Of A Wally.

I had to have a SIT DOWN to calm down from THE FEAR of it all, then spent a merry hour packing up all the orders, occasionally pausing to think "But these tiny t-shirts, they are so ADORABLE!"

They all went in the post this morning, where I was once again UTTERLY DELIGHTED by the Post Office's idiotic rules about postage, where FOLDING an item slightly differently in the envelope can DOUBLE the price of postage. Aaah, Post Office! Still, they're all on the way now, and hopefully they will cause JOY wherever they go.

Still, I don't think I'll be threatening the business of MOTHERCARE any time soon. Children's clothing is too stressful!

posted 19/7/2012 by MJ Hibbett

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