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Blog: Dinosaurs On A Spaceship

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I imagine that most people think I spend my time doing SPORTS, maintaining vehicles, and ROUGH HOUSING but actually I do occasionally tend towards the GEEKIER side of things. NO, really, I do!

THUS I was very excited this morning to be able to watch the new trailer for the next series of "Doctor Who", which looks BLOODY GRATE. However, I couldn't help noticing that HUGE CHUNKS of it seemed EERILY FAMILIAR. "Dinosaurs On A Spacehip, you say? And Giant Robots? Hmmm... where have i heard that before?"

Now, OBVIOUSLY, I do not for a moment think Mr S Moffat and co are ripping me off (i DID send him a CD of the album, but I would think this episode was about to start FILMING aruond then, and would have been written AGES before) but I do think the similarities are worth... well, half-arsedly attempting to cash in on. And so, after making myself late for work by spending an hour and a half on Sony Vegas, I present to you: DOCTOR WHO VS DINOSAUR PLANET!

It is, I believe, one of these "mash up" that the young people appear so keen on. It is also, I must admit, a bit LASHED UP AT SPEED and could have been improved immeasurably by spending ANOTHER hour or two on it, but to HECK with it: I was EXCITED! and it was FUN!

And hey, if it DOES lead to me getting to do a MUSICAL EPISODE of Doctor Who in the future, who's to complain. The Moff! CALL ME!

posted 2/8/2012 by MJ Hibbett

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