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Blog: What A Week

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PHEW! You find me today Physically And Emotionally Exhausted after a week of STUFF. My super smashing brother (who I have previously asked people in general to leave along) and his family were over from AUSTRALIA, so we had numerous GOOD TIMES a) lolling around in my parents' back garden b) PADDLING c) going to the PUB and d) sitting around YAKKING with. It was all rather lovely, SO lovely in fact that when we said a merry cheerio on Monday evening it was only after shutting the front door that my INNER MIND went "You know you're probably not going to see them for AGES now, don't you?" and my HUMAN EGO went "WAAAAAH!" in response. It was WEIRD, like my FORE BRANE had been so busy having fun it had FORGOT, and my BACK BRANE had been lying in WAIT to UPSET it.

And then yesterday i went to a FUNERAL, for my "Auntie" Olive, who'd been my Nan's best friend since SCHOOL. This was a funeral where people said "She lived a FULL LIFE" and MEANT IT - crikey! The vicar had to go through SEVERAL SHEETS OF A4 to list ALL the organisations she had set up/run/organised/sat on the BOARD of, and the church was RAMMED with people. My Dad did a Eulogy too, i BEAMED with pride!

It's all be lovely but, as I say, a bit KNACKERING, so it's quite relaxing to get back to WORK today, both Actual Work and The Work Of ROCK. One item on today's agenda was to start the ball rolling thinking of a name for the COVERS COLLECTION I mentioned last time (UPDATE: after saying that ONLY people subscribed to the newsletter would be eligible to recieve it i got ONE more subscriber... and THREE requests to unsubscribe!). I asked The Vlads... and within minutes Mr F A Machine came up with a GENIUS suggestion. I think I'll try and wait until the next newsletter to REVEAL it, but I may not be able to contain myself, as it is SO GRATE!

posted 8/5/2013 by MJ Hibbett

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