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Blog: Victory Lap Part Two

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On Saturday night I zoomed to Camden with The Landlady for the final night of Total Hero Team at The Camden Fringe and, by extension, the final night of our entire FRINGE ADVENTURE. We're planning to do a gentle few gigs over the next few months and then finish off the live shows completely in Leicester in February, but after Buxton, Manchester and Edinburgh this was IT for Fringes. AUSPICIOUS!

We arrived to find Steve lightly REFRESHED by an afternoon's drinking... and a whole lot of chums VERY refreshed by the same! We knew that we'd sold eleven tickets beforehand, so knew that we'd have more in than the night before, but were surprised by quite how MANY more people were turning up, and also by the fact that LOADS of them were people we didn't know. The room was looking nicely ready at 8pm, but Miriam, who was doing the door, informed us that we still had a booking for NINE people to come in who hadn't arrived yet. What on earth would a booking for NINE people look like?

It looked like a STAG DO is what it looked like, which always makes me a bit nervous in case there is Raucous Behaviour, but this lot were a DELIGHT. There was singing along at (almost always) appropriate points, beers were got and the STAG fell asleep, and they were LOVELY. This may be in comparison however to the PALS BRIGADE who joined in A LOT and laughed at all SORTS of things that had rarely, if ever, got LARFS before and, in some cases, Were Not Actually Jokes.

It made for a HUGELY enjoyable final show, one of the most fun we've ever done. My absolute favourite bit was right at the VERY end, just before "We Did It Ourselves". All was quiet, Steve said - "A wise old man once told me..." and then a PHONE went off. A LOT. "A wise old man once told me two things," Steve repeated. "Firstly, always turn your phone off before a show" - LARF ERUPTION - "and secondly, and most importantly..." and then he DOVE straight back into the script. As I have said before, one of the BIG things for me has been the joy of us both Ad-Libbing In Character this time around, and I was VERY HAPPY indeed that it had culminated in this joyous piece of work by my colleague.

After the show we decamped to the downstairs bar for some BEERZ, some STORIES, and some chat with chums various. It was the perfect way to end this run of shows, and sets us up nicely for the Occasional Live Performances to come and, perhaps more importantly, gives me impetus to get on with sorting out the scripts for the forthcoming WEB SERIES version of the story. Every time I think about it my BRANE says "Do you realise how much WORK this is going to be?" so it's nice to have a memory of a really really GOOD show behind us to keep us KEEN. It's going to be GRATE!

posted 28/8/2013 by MJ Hibbett

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