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You discover me this afternoon sat at my desk, looking out at a grey rainy Monday afternoon, feeling very much back in the jug agane. For LO! yesterday I got back from HOLS!

We were, as per, in Majorca, in the same places as last year though NOT in the same apartment... we were in the one next door, where we've stayed before anyway. We had a GRATE time - we usually either go in May or later in September, so it was quite a bit HOTTER than before, and the sun shone for the first five of our six full days (and was just a bit cloudy on the last). However, the weather forecast said it would start raining in two days time every time we checked, so we spent the whole week saying "Well, we can go on trips/do Active Things when the weather's not so good, so we might as well just go to the beach today." THUS we got into a ROUTINE of basically going into town (Port de Pollensa), going to the beach, having BEER, toddling home for a cuppa, sitting by the pool reading our Good Books (The Pages Of My Novel was reading "Three Men On The Bummel", which involved a lot of CHUCKLING, and I had "Our Mutual Friend" which took AGES to get going, but then it all KICKED OFF) having a swim, going to the BAR for a MASSIVE Jack Daniels (or two) and then having TEA either in the flat or the restaurant. It was BLOODY BRILLIANT!

Now we're back and things don't seem QUITE as much fun, but I do at least have a list of things to do to keep me going - whilst on holiday, every time i thought of something to WORRY about, I put it on my List Of Things To Worry About When I Get Back. This was excellent for making the holiday fret free, but now I AM back it's all a bit worrying! Still, huge chunks of it are for GRATE things, like gigs and the single and the Total Hero Team video series, so it should be fun. Still, I'd rather be worrying about it all on a sun bed!

posted 9/9/2013 by MJ Hibbett

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