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Blog: Single Release Day

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At long last, after MONTHS of talking and writing and recording and designing and filming and editing and STUFF, the great day has finall arrived. For LO! Today our new single is unleashed into the world!

I Want To Find Out How It Ends is our first ALL-NEW material since Dinosaur Planet (apart from Christmas songs!) and is the theme tune to the online sitcom series A Brief History Of Time Travel which is ALSO launching today. We were asked to create a song in the grand tradition of the theme tunes to The Likely Lads, Auf Wiedersehn Pet and Red Dwarf, and so that's what we tried to do, as you can hopefully hear BELOW:

It's available to buy right now direct from us via Bandcamp or on sites such as iTunes, Amazon or Spotify. Bandcamp is the cheapest though, and comes straight to us!

We've also got a rather spiffing VIDEO, which Tim and Emma filmed in Rural Woodhouse Eaves a few months ago. It is a time travel tale with a TWIST, as you can see BELOW:

It's all JOLLY exciting - I hope you enjoy all of the above, and would be most grateful to anyone who cares to spread the WORD. All the details are at!

posted 23/9/2013 by MJ Hibbett

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