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Blog: A Sneaky Mini-Break

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Back at Easter, The Chocolate In My Easter Egg and I had a JAUNT down to scenic Bath and a) had SUCH a lovely time b) managed NOT to see loads of things we'd have liked to, and c) saw a place to stay that looked SO nice (and handy for the pub) that we decided to go back. THUS we booked ourselves a trip to head down there last weekend. However, a week or so before we set off The Amendments To My Amendments suggested some EXTRA fun - she'd been looking at the MAP and wondered if we could go to Cornwall FIRST and then "break the journey" at Bath on the way back at no extra cost? I had some leave to take before the end of the month, so we spent some time checking out the validity of the plan (including some lengthy discussion with a call centre who didn't seem to know where any of these places were) and decided to DO it!

Thus we rolled up at my Dad's in Cornwall last Wednesday and had a lovely couple of days down there, featuring several pubs, the hotel where my sister's getting married, and a trip to the Falmouth Lifeboat Station. This latter especially was AMAZING! The two of us got a 75 MINUTE personal guided tour round the station and then ON AN ACTUAL LIFEBOAT!! Simon The Guide showed us how everything worked, answered questions, showed us all the equipment and then - not sure if I mentioned this - we got to go ON AN ACTUAL LIFEBOAT!! It was VERY EXCITING INDEED!

There was more ADVENTURE during the second, Bath-based, half of this Sneaky Mini-Break. We did The Bath Skyline Walk, which was GORGEOUS and also KNACKERING. Several days later the back of my legs STILL hurt, for LO! there were many INCLINES! We also went once more to Thermae Bath Spa which was SO relaxing we felt EXHAUSTED for the rest of the day! We DINED out, visited two Museums Of One Thing (The Herschel Museum Of Astronomy and Bath Postal Museum) and made several trips to our favourite pub in the area, The Crystal Palace.

In short, we had a FINE OLD TIME, and it was a lovely CLIMAX to what has been a whole summer of TRIPS and GOOD TIMES. We even got a FREE first class upgrade on the train back home (i.e. nobody came to check our tickets - HA! take THAT, The Man!), although once we arrived back in London this ELITE Holiday SQUAD had to split up, with The Exhibits In My Museum heading back to our house, laden down with bags, while I zoomed off to PETERBOROUGH, where I was due to take part in The Peterborough Poet Laureate competition! To find out what happened there, tune in tomorrow...

posted 24/9/2013 by MJ Hibbett

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How can you fail to have a nice time when the best pub is The Crystal Palace?
posted 24/9/2013 by Tim

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