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Blog: The Autumn Schedule

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It was the birthday of The Days In My Year earlier this week, and as well as being a day for CELEBRATION and DELIGHT it also felt like the herald for The Autumn Schedule. We've had a GRATE summer - INDEED, in a rare display of National Unity, the whole UK seems to agree with this - but now it feels like we're striding together into The Next Bit.

It certainly felt like that to me yesterday, as a wide range of EVENTS happened. First of all I got THREE gigs confirmed. The first two were my nights at Robin Ince's Nine Lessons and Carols for Godless People. These were arranged AGES ago, but ever since I've been wondering whether the offer was just a JAPE of some sort, so was VERY relieved yesterday to see my name listed on the 17th and 19th December. They look like being GRATE nights, with a whole HEAP of pals also playing. The other gig is back at Sheffield University Students' Union, on October 19th. I used to play there all the time, so it'll be LOVELY to be back again!

Meanwhile other aspects of ROCK were hoving into view, as I not only WROTE a whole new song ("Open Top Bus Tour", it's about Open Top Bus Tours) but got going on ANOTHER one and rounded up a whole heap more. I've promised The Validators some new songs to get going on for their next practice, and much to my delight i found i had a HEAP to offer them. I'm hoping to get demo versions recorded over the weekend, so will speak more of them when they're done, but it was DELIGHTFUL to be thinking about Vlads songs again. It's YEARS since I last put a new collection of songs together for them, back when we were preparing for the album that became Regardez, Ecoutez et Repetez in fact, as Dinosaur Planet was already DONE when The Vlads came to it, and it felt GOOD to be doing so again. Some of the songs are old, some are brand new, some come from elsewhere (e.g. I Dream Of Superheroes, which was originally meant to be in Total Hero Team) and some have been written based on Validators JAM sessions. It's all VERY exciting!

And finally, the feeling of a new "term" was underlined by the fact that it WAS the first day of term back on my MA. The day started with an email from my MENTOR, who'll be helping me with my script, confirming that he was happy to take the job on. I was VERY pleased about this, as he's someone EXCELLENT, and I'm all excited to actually get GOING on it. Then in the evening we were back in class again, getting dates for the rest of the term and, more importantly, meeting up with old PALS again. It was a LOT of fun, and felt weird to think that it was, on the one hand, only a year ago that we first met, but also that it was A WHOLE YEAR ago that we first sat, terrified, in class together, starting out.

And then we went to the pub. ACE!

As I say, it's been a really really good summer, but I'm very happy to be standing at the start of a whole new ERA. I think it's going to be GRATE!

posted 26/9/2013 by MJ Hibbett

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