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Blog: Mentor Meeting

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As regular readers of these mighty missives will know I'm currently halfway through an MA in Playwriting And Screenwriting at City University. It has been almost universally GRATE (and even the non-GRATE bits have usually led to moaning about them the pub after, which _was_ GRATE) so far, but this year sees a big change. Instead of going to class every Monday and Wednesday night we're now only expected in four times a term, as we're expected to concentrate on our Final Project. This can be EITHER a full-length play, a full-length film or a pilot for a TV show.

I'm doing the TV pilot, because much as i like films and have managed to sit through SEVERAL plays, it is TELLY that I love the most. To help us plan and develop our scripts we each get a MENTOR, and I had my first meeting with mine this morning. I was a bit nervous about how it would go - he's someone with a history of proper telly (including stuff i LOVE) and all sorts of other things, and I did worry a little about what he might think of my proposed plot, but he said on the email that he really liked it and he turned out, in person, to be ACE. We talked a little bit about my story, and how I should plan to go about developing it, but mostly we had a RIGHT OLD NATTER about various TV shows and films. I was delighted to find that we both liked "The Mentalist", pretty much AGREED about various blockbusters, and I came away with HOMEWORK, to watch "World War Z" and "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang"!

I left our meeting excited and full of IDEAS for how my story, "Storm House", could grow. It's already got MUMMIES and ALIENS and SHARKS in it, but I'm sure there's room for more. I think this year is going to be fun!

posted 1/10/2013 by MJ Hibbett

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World War this because Peter Capaldi plays a WHO Doctor ???
posted 1/10/2013 by

Zombies. You've forgotten to put zombies in it. There must be room for some zombies.
posted 1/10/2013 by Tim

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