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Blog: Taking The Minutes

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You find me AGLOW with the joy of a task I have not done for many years: writing up MINUTES.

For LO! last night we had another meeting about The Christmas Party, the web series that a bunch of us from SKOOL are putting together. We had a LOT to get sorted out, so we worked out an agenda and STUCK to it. I do love a good agenda - it means you can talk about what you need to talk about and get stuff DONE, and though it always feels a bit weird to start with everyone always gets into it within about ten minutes. INDEED I was gratified to find that I wasn't the only one going "Ah! That is the NEXT item!" when things looked like veering into disorder and MAYHEM.

And if you've got an Agenda you must of course have Minutes to follow, so's you can get your ACTION POINTS sorted out. There were many of these, and there needed to be. We're hoping to get it all FILMED by the end of October, edited and publicised in November, then RELEASED on December 1st. There's a heckload of work to be done between here and then, especially the FILMING bit, but I think we might just be able to get it done. I will be reporting back at regular intervals to let you know if we do!

posted 3/10/2013 by MJ Hibbett

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