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Blog: De-Toured

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You find me this morning a little deflated, for LO! i am no longer ON TOUR. Being ON TOUR has been bloody GRATE, and has especially got better the longer it's gone on. I mean, it's going to be nice NOT to have to spend half my weekends sitting on trains and eating DANISH PASTRIES instead of actual food, and I'm really looking forward to being able to actually spend some time at HOME talking to my WOMAN, watching TELLY, bothering the cats and generally eating VEGETABLES, but I've got into the GROOVE of loads of gigs now, and it may take a while to get out of it. Just last night I took one of my (prematurely aged) gig t-shirts out of the washing machine and thought "Aha! I'll save this one and wear it next week at the gig! Oh, hang on..." and a small veil of sadness fell O'ER me.

And to think, I used to SNEER OPENLY at whinging Rock Stars who couldn't cope with not being on tour! Ronnie Woods, i FEEL YOUR PAIN!

This faint sadness is also due to the fact that I had a LOVELY time in Sheffield on Saturday. EVERYBODY in Sheffield is ABSOLUTELY LOVELY. Even when I was Rather Tiddly standing at the tram stop on the way to the station CONFUSED, a huge CROWD of lovely people from Sheffield came together to GUIDE me on my way home, it was LOVELY. METRIC TONNES of really nice people came along to see my gig too, there was a Veritiable Hibbett MASSIVE down the front during the set, it was smashing, and also The Kids seemed to get into it too - after doing "The Lesson Of The Smiths" (surely in any sane world this has to be my next single?) some delightful youth shouted "You're the MAN! You're the MAN!" I pointed out that I was simply A man, but the thought was nice.

Also nice was how LOOKED AFTER I was. Penny, who sorted out the gig, sorted it out BRILLIANT - she used to do Pop-A-Go-Go too, so it was a fair bet all would be ace. Not only did I get paid and not only did i get BEERED, but I got fed too - FANTASTIC! As Mr Chris T-T said afterwards "This is surely the way forward." I concur. Apart from him, for some reason, most of the other bands playing seemed to be RIGHT miserable sods tho, at least the ones that I met were. Maybe being treated NICELY like this on a regular basis goes to people's heads? I, however, was OVERJOYED by the facilities, Actual CA$H, friendly people and general LOVING VIBE going round the audience, it was, as previously stated, LOVELY.

When I'd arrived, earlier in the day, I'd sat on a tram buzzing up to the University, looking around and thinking "This is one of the nicest places in the country", and as I left on the train much later all I could do was agree with myself. Sheffield, it's ACE!

posted 17/11/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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