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Blog: A Gym Pound

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On Sunday evening The Water In My Pool and I went to the London Aquatics Centre for our regular weekend swim. We usually go on a Saturday evening when it's nice and quiet but couldn't this week, so ended up being there in PEAK time when it was A BIT BUSY. Anyone who feels they don't get enough human contact would do well to go at this time of day, you would get enough to last you a MONTH.

Afterwards we returned to our lockers, which are the sort where you put a pound in to get the key out. When we go together I act as Guardian Of The Gym Pounds so once we'd both got our stuff out I went into my cubicle with two pound coins (one from each of our lockers) which I placed on my seat before getting on with getting changed.

A few minutes later I was nearly done, sitting on the seat to put on my socks, when I heard a little "clink". "Oh", I thought, "I must have sat on one of my pound coins and knocked it onto the floor." I stood up and looked on the seat but couldn't find EITHER of my pound coins. I looked on the floor but couldn't see them there either. "They must have gone under a divider wall into another cubicle" I thought, so knelt down to see if I could SEE them.

Now, obviously, this was a little delicate as I didn't want to be sliding underneath the walls and find myself peeping up at someone, so I just had a quick glance and, sure enough, saw a pound coin just under the dividing wall behind me, with a pair of feet nearby. The pound coin was under their seat so, realising that they wouldn't SEE if I reached under, I did just that, grabbing my coin and standing quickly up. I couldn't see the OTHER pound, but thought I'd done well to get at least one back.

I kept these gym-specific pound coins in the "ticket pocket" of my jeans so placed this one back there... only to find that I ALREADY had two pound coins there. I must have picked them up off the seat and put them in my pocket when I'd put my trousers on which mean that... er... it was somebody ELSE'S pound coin I'd heard drop, and had leant in and KNICKED it!!

On the way home I told this story to The Cash In My Wallet who asked if, on realising my error, I'd replaced the money. I must admit I hadn't - I was too ALARMED by the experience to go back and, anyway, it would have been weird enough if the occupant of the other cubicle had seen my hand reaching in to TAKE a pound coin. Imagine if they'd looked down to see me GIVING them money!

posted 13/1/2015 by MJ Hibbett

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Brilliant. Sounds like the packet of biscuits story in one of the hitchhiker books (can't remember which one)
posted 13/1/2015 by Tim

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