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A few weeks ago I did a stand-up gig (as reported previously) which was VIDEOED for posterity. I got the video a couple of weeks ago and haven't been brave enough to have a look at it yet as I fear that what I remember as CHUCKLES and LARFS may actually, in the cold hard light of an MP4, turn out to be coughs and uncomfortable shuffling.

So I thought I might as well put it online so that you, gentle reader, can have a look at it for me, THUS:

I think the main thing putting me off watching it is the cameraman's unusual choice to film it all in the old 4:3 aspect ratio and then stretch it out to WIDESCREEN. That IS what he's done isn't it? It's the only explanation.

posted 16/4/2015 by MJ Hibbett

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Actually, that was pretty good.
posted 16/4/2015 by

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