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I had a lovely day on Thursday doing some proper WRITERLY stuff i.e. not actually doing much writing but a lot of sitting around in cafes talking to people and/or reading books.

For LO! I was In Town for the afternoon, first of all meeting Mr J Dredge for our regular weekly CHAT. We covered a wide range of topics, including a new Character Idea that made us both LARF, and also secured a date to start filming our next THING. This one's going to be a WEB SERIES and will, I hope, be Quite Good.

After that I went and got a HAIRCUT ("A bit less mad Professor" I agreed with my STYLIST) and then wandered around town for a bit. It was a lovely day so I went and sat in Soho Square for a bit to read my book. The other week I finally got my hands on a copy of Steve Lamacq's "Going Deaf For A Living" biography. I'd wanted it for YEARS but it always seemed to cost about thirty quid, so when I spotted one online for Significantly Less i SNAPPED it up. It's dead good and very Steve Lamacq-ily funny, but also the fact that it came out about 15 years ago means it has a NOSTALGIC GLOW to it. Aaah! The days of Radio One being ALL RIGHT!

Around 4pm I headed over to my FAVOURITE PUB, The King & Queen, for my final appointment of the day, with Mr M Tiller. Matt came to the readthrough of The Department a few weeks ago and offered to get together for a PITCH AND PINT session. He works in TELLY so I was eager for his WISDOM - I reckon I've got time to do one more Big Script Project before going to Edinburgh but have THREE ideas, so I PITCHED each of them at him to see which he thought was the best to go for i.e. which was most COMMERICAL. He listened to my ideas (tentatively titled "The Utopians", "Mum & Dad" and "Mick's Comics") and LARFED in the right places for all of them, but suggested that "Mum & Dad" was the one to go for, though possibly with a different title. We then went through the same for three ideas that John and I are thinking of working on next and again, after Correctly Placed LARFS, he gave some Excellent Tips.

It was lovely and, I guess, a Proper Meeting, though due to the good times and also BEER involved it didn't really feel like a meeting at all. As ever with people I've known in ROCK for a while it's always a TREAT to be able to sit down and have a bit of an old chat WITHOUT one or both of you having to dash off after ten minutes to play a GIG and it was a SPECIAL TREAT to be able to do this in the aforesaid lovely pub where I pretty much ALWAYS have to go and do a gig instead of sitting around chatting.

It was a DELIGHTFUL end to a DELIGHTFUL afternoon - who says The Writing is hard work?

posted 24/4/2015 by MJ Hibbett

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