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Today I'm very excited to announce that I'm adding yet ANOTHER domain to my vast portfolio of Domain Names Basically There To Help Me Show Off With:!

Ever since I started on THE WRITING I've been sending interested (or more usually uninterested) parties all to the same web address, and indeed using it on BUSINESS CARDS too. To start with this was fine, but ever since THE WRITING has been An Actual Business it's become clear that I should really have a seperate website to deal with all of that sort of stuff. As The Words On My Page has pointed out, if I email someone to say "Hello i am ab sensible person who you should employ to write a screenplay" it doesn't really help if I send them to a webpage all about GIGS and ROCK and LARKING ABOUT.

To be honest though the main thing that made me set the new page up was the prospect of some DATABASE DESIGN. I love doing database design and get THRILLZ at the thought of complicated SQL queries (NB this is not sarcasm, sadly) so when I realised I could do a whole HEAP of the above if I made a new website I LEAPT at the chance. I spent ages drawing diagrams for how I was going to create a system to keep my writing CV up to date, more time complaining to my old web providers that their site crashed every time I changed something (EXTREMELY annoying), yet further time moving everything over to Mr T Eveleigh's server, and then finally JOYOUS EPOCHS testing, re-testing and then just mucking about with it.

When I'd done all this the aforesaid Lines In My Code said "Couldn't you have just copied it from the original Word file?" Well, yes, i COULD, but it wouldn't have been half as much fun!

At the moment the main item of interest IS the CV - the rest is a brief bio, links to films and a differently formatted version of this here blog, but in the future I'm hoping to get some downloads up there too. Do have a look and see what you think and HEY - if you're a bigshot Hollywood Producer, CALL ME!

posted 30/4/2015 by MJ Hibbett

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