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Blog: Mixing Complete (Probably)

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This week I reached an important milestone in the recording of my forthcoming solo album: I finished the mixing! I think!

I say "I think" because I'm now in the process of listening to it a few more times to make absolutely sure, but so far it is sounding PRETTY GOOD. This is a relief as, at various points, I have veered wildly between thinking it is ALL amazing or ALL bloody awful, and there has been a LOT of mixing, re-mixing, re-recording, and especially Learning About Different Plug-Ins along the way before reaching this point.

The biggest surprise at this juncture was working out the ORDER. Usually this takes FOREVER, with about 17,000,000 different permutations tried, but this time it was PEASY. Once I'd worked out what should go first and what should go last everything else filled itself in. I recorded 14 tracks and had originally considered leaving a couple off, but when I did the aforesaid order it all seemed to work SO easily with THE LOT that that's how I left it.

There's still a LONG way to go before it's ready for release (which I'm currently thinking will be in October), including getting it onto the streaming services, sorting out the publicity, doing some videos, and WHO KNOWS maybe even doing some ACTUAL GIGS. I'm going to be unveiling the Exciting Title in the newsletter , which will be out at the end of next week, and then after that there will hopefully be a swelling tide of NEWS FACTS. All I need to do now is try and remember how this all works. Do I still send a tape to the Melody Maker, for instance, or have they gone all modern and switched to DAT?

All this and more to be sorted out over the next few weeks, but for now: watch out, THE MAN, there is ROCK on the way!

posted 20/7/2022 by MJ Hibbett

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