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Blog: Happy Single Release Day To All Our Readers!

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Finally, after MONTHS of planning and getting things ready, I can UNLEASH the first fruits of this summer's solo album LABOUR, fo LO! it is RELEASE DAY for the first single Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People?

It's out RIGHT NOW on all of your streaming services, including Spotify, Apple music, Amazon and wherever else you can get these things (you used to be able to get it from TESCO, but I'm not sure if that still happens!). The only places you CAN'T buy it are from Actual Record Shops, as it's not an Actual Record, and BANDCAMP, because I'm saving that for when the album comes out next week!

It's also got a VIDEO, which I am DELIGHTED to share with you below:

I'm currently up to my EARS trying to promote this through the modern internet, sending out links and submitting to playlists etc etc. As ever, any help with reviews, retweets, or just talking about it loudly in public places would be VERY much appreciated - I'm really rather keen on this here single, and also the album it is taken from, so I would very much like people to hear it!

posted 3/10/2022 by MJ Hibbett

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