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Blog: Shifting Units

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I've spent quite a bit of the past 24 hours packing up USB memory stick ALBUMS and then taking them to EITHER the post box (for UK addresses) OR our local Post Office equivalent (other). It's been a LONG old time since I did a proper release like this, so it's also AGES since I last flexed my p&p muscles, and it's been LOVELY to get back into it again. Many of the EXCELLENT people who buy stuff off me have been doing so for YEARS, sometimes DECADES, so it's brilliant to see the same REGULARS popping up again in my inbox. I can even remember addresses for some people, so it's always fun to note who's moved house since the last album!

The only downside is that it has also forced me to confront how much POSTAGE prices have increased - crikey o'riley, I am pretty sure it wasn't A MILLION QUID to post a Large Letter last time I did it! Other than that it's trememndous fun, and I'm looking forward to inviting NEW people to join in when the album goes on general sale in just over a week.

In the meantime I am also hard at work with the MEDIA campaign. Last week I emailed, DMed and messaged about a THOUSAND people about the single, and this week I'm doing the similar for the album. As ever, I am quite enjoying it, although I can see why STING or whoever employs minionsto do it for them, as it does involve quite a lot of copying and pasting of press releases.

Happily this work has garnered some RESULTS with various delightful types either having played the single already or promising to do so soon- for instance, Mr S Lamacq will be playing it on his 6 Music show on Thursday, if you would care to join me in AVIDLY LISTENING - and I've even got a review in an ACTUAL MAGAZINE coming too. Mr B Fischer has written one for Electronic Sound magazine, which is VERY exciting!

In summary, it's all going pretty well so far, with a week to go before the album even comes out. The only cloud on the horizon is the very real possibility that I will soon run out of newsagents etc to PLUNDER for books of stamps - apologies in advance to anyone in the E20 postcode who can't find Large Letter stamps anywhere, that's me what has had them all!

posted 4/10/2022 by MJ Hibbett

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