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Yesterday Mr Steve Lamacq played Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People? on his radio show, and it was VERY exciting. You can listen to it yourself via the BBC Sounds Thingy for the next month or so to see what I mean!

I knew it was going to be played on Thursday, but I did not know WHEN during the show, and this caused me some worry because Thursday is also the day when Steve does "Roundtable", when a bunch of people listen to new releases and JUDGE them. I don't really WANT to be judged, thank you very much, so was HUGELY relieved when it came on about ten minutes before that bit started. PHEW!

I was also BLOODY DELIGHTED by how GRATE it sounded, and especially by how PROPERLY LOUD it was. About 10 million years ago when I first started issuing recordings I was often perplexed by how our stuff sounded a bit WEEDY compared to other songs, and was thus intrigued when our producer of the time, Mr Kev Reverb, introduced me to the wonders of COMPRESSION. He had a MAGIC BOX (NB it was an actual BOX in those days) that you plugged into the mixing desk when the final masters were being made, and this somehow - MAGICALLY - made everything sound louder and more exciting. Ever since that day I have pursued COMPRESSION in all things, although I've never really understood how it works. However, I do know that if you do it WRONG everything sounds WEIRD, so for this album I spent quite a lot of time downloading different compression THINGS and trying them out to make everything sound as LOUD and EXCITING as I could. All of which is a very long way round to saying that I was pleased to discover my efforts had not been in vain!

It was especially nice to be on the radio again because it meant that people had HEARD the song, which is kind of the point of doing it in the first place. I was extremely CHUFFED that evening to read on Facebook and Twitter and elsewhere of various CHUMS who had heard it, and others who were off to listen having been alerted by my SHOWING OFF about it. Mr S Hewitt did A TWEET which showed that, apart from an outing for The Fair Play Trophy during the last World Cup, this was the first time I've had any airplay on 6Music for SIX YEARS. Obviously there's been some HOT POP PLAYS for Jane And John since then, but it's nice to have something under my own name again. As he said, it did feel very much like I was "back! Back! BACK! BAYBEE!!!"

The next step in The Hibbett Revival is to do some GIGS, for which I am very much PRACTICING. It has been a LONG time, but I am RIGHT looking forward to it!

posted 7/10/2022 by MJ Hibbett

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