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Blog: Bandcamp Unleashed

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As we creep stealthily towards Official Release Day for The Unearthly Beauty Of MJ Hibbett on Friday, moves have been afoot to make it available slightly earlier than that for certain interested parties. The USB memory stick version went on sale to newsletter subscribers last week, and today I've quietly put both the digital and physical versions on Bandcamp too.

The reasons for doing this a couple of days early are tactical, practical and strategical. Partly it's to say thanks to all the people who've bought my stuff on Bandcamp by giving them an EXCITING OPPORTUNITY to get in on the memory sticks, and partly it's to give me one less job to do on Friday morning, when the ROCK ADMIN is quite hefty. I would very much like to point out that these are the ONLY reasons for doing it this way, and any suggestions that I accidentally released it early while trying to work out how to add MERCH to Bandcamp are NONSENSICAL. As if I would do something like that! Again!

Either way, it's there RIGHT NOW so if you'd like to have a listen to the album, or indeed PURCHASE it in digital or physical format, this is your chance to do so before THE MAINSTREAM hears it on Friday! Hope you like it if you do!

posted 12/10/2022 by MJ Hibbett

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