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Blog: Someone Else's Turn

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Today I'm UNLEASHING another video for a song off of The Unearthly Beauty Of MJ Hibbett, this time for Someone Else's Turn. Here it is!

The song's about how it's FINE when places that used to mean a lot to YOU as a Young Person change or disappear, because it means that people who are Young Persons NOW can have their own places, just like we did. With this in mind I decided to go and visit a bunch of my old HAUNTS (as partly documented a few weeks ago) and see what they were like now, keeping it to London venues because a) it would be an awful lot easier and b) if I'd done it in other cities there would be none left at all to look at. I ended up doing the filming in three batches and, as you'll see, the very last bit was done at the album launch a couple of weeks back.

I found the experience of making it STRANGELY MOVING, and I hope that that comes across in the finished PIECE. I'm pretty determined now to keep going and do a video for EVERY song, so watch out for more of these to come over the rest of this year!

posted 31/10/2022 by MJ Hibbett

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Well, I actually felt sick while watching that video, due to all of tye camera motion. Image stabilization is missing from your armory, be it by Hyperlapse or another app that uses phone gyroscope data to smooth out steps and wobbles. No idea what can be done just at the editing stage without that input. See eg
posted 31/10/2022 by totallysoberbutbleeurgh

STRANGELY MOVING is very apt...
posted 1/11/2022 by afterthought

WELCOME TO MY WORLD! As a Person Of Limited Genetic Ancestors (i.e. I come from the Fens) I have WEIRD FEET that stick out at the wrong angle HENCE my somewhat unusual gait (and exclusion from SKIING), what is reflected here. Thus, your suggestion is an attempt to GAIT-WASH my LIVED EXPERIENCE!
posted 1/11/2022 by MJ Hibbett

Having said that, I'll try that next time, and YES INDEED re. "Strangely Moving"!
posted 1/11/2022 by MJ Hibbett

it's fixable in post!
posted 7/11/2022 by postprocessingwin

I wish my feet were!
posted 7/11/2022 by MJ Hibbett

that woman at the start has a GRATE ARSE
posted 10/11/2022 by in appreciation

Well, her skirt has tight stitching. HEM HEM.
posted 14/11/2022 by fashion analysis

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