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Blog: Oadby Wan Kenobi

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I mentioned in a blog last week that I was having a bit of an old THINK about what to do for the 200th edition of the newsletter. I said that I'd had an IDEA and since then I have been doing some WORK on it, reaching the point where I can reveal some DETAILS.

The current plan is to follow the procedure of previous anniversary newsletters and release a SUBSCRIBERS-ONLY compilation album, similar to what happened with Like A Braunstone Cowboy and Hibbett's Hoover. I've been doing a bit of digging around and have realised there actually IS about an album's worth of solo material lying around, comprising various SINGLES and compilation items PLUS some unreleased material from AGES ago, mostly recorded when I was attempting (and failing) to break into the world of Music For Adverts. Usually our compilations either have my NAME in them (e.g. Hibbett's Superstore) or are AMAZING Star Wars/Leicestershire puns (e.g. Forest Moon Of Enderby) and as my LAST output was called The Unearthly Beauty Of MJ Hibbett I thought it was best to go for the George Lucas/Daniel Lambert angle. THUS I can now proudly present to you the cover art for "Oadby Wan Kenobi":

It will amaze and astound you to discover that that cover was made by ME, all on my own, without a team of designers and photoshop engineers. INCREDIBLE BUT TRUE!

Also incredible is the fact that the name of a major character in a ginormous multi-movie franchise has a RUDE WORD right there in the middle of it. And one at the end, really - how on earth did G Lucas get away with it, and how on earth did I PERSONALLY manage not to make reference to it on the cover? IRON SELF-DISCIPLINE is the answer to the latter.

Anyway, I'm currently working through the tracks to pick the BEST ones and formulate some sort of tracklist order. Issue 199 of the newsletter will be out in a couple of weeks (NOT at the end of the month, for reasons discussed last time) and I estimate that the double century celebration will thus be out on the last working day of APRIL, giving everyone ample time to sign up for the newsletter if you haven't already. It is, I feel, going to be GRATE!

posted 28/2/2024 by MJ Hibbett

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nob is not THAT rude a word.....oh I see
posted 28/2/2024 by Rob

Jizz is canonical to the Star Wars experience.
posted 3/3/2024 by Disney will sue over their cover. they're like that.

There's also BONE in there, backwards.
posted 14/3/2024 by SweetP

This is GRATE news! Excited!
posted 14/3/2024 by Gregg W

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