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Blog: A Secret Meeting

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Last night I went to a SECRET MEETING! All right, it wasn't hugely secret, and the main reason I don't want to go into TOO much detail at the moment is because I don't want to JINX it, but that doesn't sound quite as exciting as SECRET MEETING does it?

So, this SECRET MEETING took place at the very nice Queen's Head near Kings Cross. I have been there several times and always seem to end up at the table next to the LOO, which is handy for the LOO admittedly but also a bit close to everyone going in and out. I'd actually turned up a bit early so thought I'd be able to NAB somewhere a bit nicer, and when I entered it looked like the pub was pretty much empty, but on closer inspection every other table had ONE person sitting at it, waiting for others to arrive. THE CHEEK.

I was soon joined by my SECRET CO-CONSPIRATORS, one of whom I have done LOADS of collaborations with and the other I have done SOME, but mostly shared bills alongside. Who could they be eh? It is SECRET! We were gathered to discuss an IDEA for a THING we might do later in the year, and the main reason I wanted to mention this at all (apart from it being dead glamorous and intriguing, obvs) is to say how much FUN it was. THORTS and IDEAS flew around the table as we developed a decent idea of how the aforesaid THING would work, what would be IN it, where it would happen, and even how we would work it up and PRACTICE it. The three of us are all VETERANS of doing STUFF, so it was a thing of joy and wonder for us to use our ROCK ADMIN skillz in this way.

We concluded our business with TASKS to complete and things to think about, with a general idea that we would discuss online and then gather properly in the summer months to DEVELOP the thing itself. All being well we will have DATES and VENUES by then, at which point I shall be able to reveal proper details of what it's all about, but all I can say for now is that if it works it will be GRATE! You heard it here - SECRETLY - first!

posted 17/4/2024 by MJ Hibbett

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posted 18/4/2024 by gassy troll

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