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I recieved REALLY ANNOYING news last night - our gig in Northampton on Saturday has been cancelled! BAH! This is REALLY ANNOYING because it was going to be the final HURRAH for the current Validators setlist, also there were several bands I wanted to see, also The Toasting Of My Crumpet was going to come and WITNESS the LIVE VALIDATORS MIGHTINESS i've been going on about for months and also... well, i was just really looking forward to seeing everyone and playing a gig. BAH! I was also meant to be playing the Smelly Ball tomorrow night, but it got moved to Saturday, so I had to pull out due to already being booked for Northampton, thus it was a DOUBLE NO GIG AGONY!

I was quite upset, but not as upset as poor old Chris The Promoter. The venue had booked something ELSE instead and this is the SECOND time this has happened to him, he sounded BELEAGURED, AND he had about EIGHT other bands to tell too! Poor chap - I'm off to see him tonight at Catch 22 (somewhere near Liverpool Street here in That London) in his ALTER EGO as Winston Echo, if need be i shall give him a HUG. Also it does at least mean I can go to the Smelly Ball for a bit ANYWAY, then I'm off to Steve Lamacq's punk rock Karaoke thing too, so it should be GROOVY!

And the Lords of ROCK, they GIVETH and they TAKETH away, and a short time after getting the news I RECIEVETHED an email from Adam Hector Collectors, whose booked us a GIG in GLASGOW for the start of the Hibbett/Hector/Machine TOUR in September. HOORAH! Rather excellently, we're playing at the Tchai-Ovna Tea House. It's a tea house! It sells TEA! FANTASTIC!

Thank you, Lords Of Rock, your munificence delights as ever!

posted 4/8/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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