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Blog: Train Strain

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It looks like we're getting closer to sorting out The September Tour, with the missing Midlands date now probably happening in SHEFFIELD. Cool, we like Sheffield, it has TRAMS. The general plan is to utilise the TRAIN to get around, so i have been STRAINING my BRAIN to try and work it out - I live in London, Rob lives in Derby, and Adam lives in Motherwell. We're playing in Glasgow, Hull, Hopefully Sheffield, and London, in that order. Reader! Can you use your knowledge of the rail network to get each person to each city with the least train tickets bought?

Ooh, it's a toughy, but i reckon DONCASTER is the answer! Yes, noble DONCASTER, city of... um... horse racing, I think. I reckon by changing at DONCASTER a lot we can pretty much do the whole thing in THREE tickets (me: RETURN London to Glasgow, RETURN Doncaster to Hull, RETURN Doncaster Sheffield, breaking my first return in - you guessed it - DONCASTER!), whilst if Rob DRIVES to Sheffield and starts there, he can do it in FOUR, and Adam can do it in FIVE. I think.

Actually, this is probably why most bands do this sort of thing all at the same time as each other, in a coach, isn't it? I KNEW there had to be some reason!

posted 6/8/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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