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Blog: Merchandise Restock

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I've just heard the good word that the Hey Hey 16K T-Shirts are back in stock over at the NTK Shop. They've been restocked due to an article in this month's PC Extreme Magazine, which features the MOST CHIC t-shirts for the GEEK about town to wear, as modelled by... er... someone who does not appear to conform to GEEK STANDARDS, not at least as i know them. Anyway, the t-shirts are GRATE and also DURABLE, why not buy one, turn up to a gig and FREAK ME OUT?

One day there will be t-shirts for ALL my songs, and the audience will be arranged down the front in Set List Order - oh what a day of Not Having To Worry About The Lyrics THAT will be!

posted 12/8/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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