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Blog: Getting Organised

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Yes, as I said yesterday, SPURRED by my gentle toe-dip back into the waters of ROCK, i sorted out our DIARY for the next few months. As I may have mentioned before, the life of The Validators is NOT quite equivalent to, say, The Libertines. It does take us equal amounts of organisation to get the whole band together at the same time, although this is more to do with availability of babysitters and promises to work overtime, rather than drug addiction or whatever it is these crazy youngsters get up to nowadays. THUS we usually have to book ourselves months in advance, and this time we have BOOKED ourselves up until NOVEMBeR! There was a time in my life when I'd join a band in August, do 5 gigs in September, try to record something in October and then SPLIT UP, and indeed i fondly recall once booking a VOON gig six weeks in advance and MARVELLING at our commitment to the cause that we could countenance such a thing.

ANYWAY, yes, we've got ourselves sorted so that we've got THREE practices for the full rhythm section, roughly fortnightly. In the weeks between we've got TWO practices for the Front Row Team, and then ONE practice for everyone together. Somewhere in the middle of that we're hoping to EITHER go to CMJ in NEW YORK or, if we're lucky, do a support for Half Man Half Biscuit (although SHH! let us not JINX it), then in mid November we've got a couple of GROOVY GIGS that we need to sort out. After that I'll probably try and take us up NORTH again, but it is frankly FAR too early to be thinking about December just yet.

And ALSO, I'm going to try and get myself some solo gigs in NEW places where I've not played before, as ADVANCE SCOUT for Validator ATAKs next year. So far I'm looking at Bury St Edmunds, Ipswich and Cambridge, but if anybody would like to suggest any more (I've had sort of vague offers in Worcester, Wolverhampton and Northampton too..) and ESPECIALLY if anyone would like to put me on somewhere in October/November time, i would LOVE to hear from you. Thanks!

posted 17/8/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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