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Blog: Even More Kooba

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The Kooba Radio show I was on about the other day is now ONLINE, and very ACE it is too. It's two and a half HOURS of music, all of it new, all of it INDEPENDENT (i.e. "unsigned", in the parlance of THE MAN), all of it discovered by, or sent in to Kooba Radio, and pretty much ALL of it BLOODY GRATE. I heartily recommend a LISTEN, especially if you've not listened before as this is sort of a Greatest Hits of the show. I tell you, it gives me HOPE for the world that there's people like the Kooba Kids about to find this stuff, and it fills me with a) JOY for the world and b)LOATHING for the cack-handed incompetence of the "music" "industry" that there's SO VERY MUCH really GRATE music out there being made RIGHT NOW. Hooray! And also BOO! to THE MAN!

Also in the show is me and Johnny Yeah's version of "These Foolish Things", which actually sounds Quite Good! Cor! Who'd've thought it?

posted 18/8/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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