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I headed round to the home of Rob From B3TA last night - he'd had an idea to have MUSIC CLUB, where people played Toy Instruments to make songs, like in a school music class. It was a lovely idea... except it didn't quite work out that way, and ended up being just me and him, looking at each other over the top of guitars. As he rightly said, there was a time when you'd get home from college, sit with a mate, and SPEW OUT a TORRENT of SONG, easy peasy. How did that happen? Maybe it's easy when you're in a tight social SCENE, and have EVERYTHING in common, or maybe actually it never happened that way, and I remember only the times VOON wrote an album in an afternoon, and NOT all the times we gave up and went to the pub instead.

HOWEVER, rather than sit and glare at each other we turned to TECHNOLOGY and, basically, had a mess around with his computer software. Whoo! Modern THINGS! I've always superstitiously AVOIDED this sort of thing, staying stolidly ANALOGUE wherever possible, because a) I work with computers all day at WORK and b) i have an ITCH in my head telling me that doing things the long way round means you have to think about what you're doing a bit more, and so take more CARE. Thus it was a JOY and REVELATION to me to find it so EASY, and we very quickly built ourselves two LOOPS. We did it in RELAY, so I did the drums for the first song, he did the bass, and so on, then vica versa. AMUSINGLY the First Law of Jam Sessions applied as much here as it does for Validators: The First Thing You Play Will Always Sound GOTH, and that's the one I've taken away with me to WORK on. I've got the first verse and chorus sorted out, with the general idea for the rest of it LOCKED IN. Indeed, it all came out in an alarming SPLURGE, it was almost like talking in TONGUES when the idea arrived in Rob's study. I hope it didn't afear him. He's got the second song to sort out, so we'll see what happens.

Meanwhile, away from the GLITTERING FUTURE TOWERS of this endevour, another REVIEW appears, HERE. It's a review of the Hull gig, from This Is Ull, and as the Plug In My Socket has remarked, it's more like an ESSAY than a review, such is the CARE and ENTHUSIASM that's obviously gone into it. It's GOOD!

posted 16/2/2005 by MJ Hibbett

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