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I spent a very pleasant 90 minutes yesterday afternoon listening to the second half of Steve Lamacq's Sunday Session yesterday, and experience made all the NICER when i checked the tracklistings and found that, in the first half, he'd played "Clubbing In The Week" off of "Warriors Of Nanpantan"! HOORAH! I was all CHUFFED about this, although when I Listened Again this morning felt a bit QUEASY at the thought of THE NATION hearing my slightly dodgy singing in the middle section. HOWEVER, this queasiness was CURED when i heard the GUITAR SOLO that immediately follows it. Ooh, i do like that Guitar Solo, it ROCKS!

He then PLUGGED the gig on Wednesday, although he couldn't remember where it was (it's at Lark In The Park in That London) - there seems to be a SHROUD OF CONFUSION surrounding this event. I emailed a load of people to tell them about it last week, and got the DAY of the week wrong (it's this Wednesday), and THEN did FLYERS for it, on which i got the DATE completely wrong (it's the 23rd). GOODNESS ME! I fully expect to turn up on Wednesday to find that, actually, they've got the HUMAN wrong and it's somebody ELSE playing instead of me!

posted 21/2/2005 by MJ Hibbett

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