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Blog: My Drinking Is A LEGEND

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We gathered around the kitchen table last night to listen to the Sound of The City programme about LEICESTER on 6Music last night. It was DEAD exciting! There was a BIG chunk of KEV talking, and i GIGGLED throughout - "It sounds just like KEV! That's the sort of thing he says when we see him!" i HOOTED, apparently convinced it was Alastair McGowan impersonating him. Later on Sorted Supremo Dave Dixey appeared, and that was even MORE exciting, especially when they detailed him CA$HING IN on Cornershop's number One... by selling 38 copies of the Frownland EP that they were on. Bless. ODDLY they didn't use ANY of the EXTENSIVE interview that I did - i sense the DREAD HAND of THE MAN here, obviously couldn't HANDLE that much TRUTH and FACTUAL FORTHRIGHTNESS! Yeah! That MUST be what it was - still, it was perhaps even MORE GRATE to have someone ELSE describe me as a LEGEND, and they even played a chunk of "Another True Story" to prove it! OOOH, it was REALLY exciting, AND they played lots of Prolapse too! GRATE!

I wonder if RINGO sat through the whole of The Anthology like this, going "LOOK! It's ME! on the TELLY!"? I bet he watched the first episode all the way through once, dutifully, and then fastforwarded it to HIS bit every other time. Hey, I just did EXACTLY that on the Listen Again thingy! Ringo, there's no shame in it at all!

posted 23/2/2005 by MJ Hibbett

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