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It was a HEFTY weekend of ACTION for me - much of it NON-ROCK based, but some of it WAS, as i set to recording a SESSION to take with me to Ireland this week. I tried all SORTS of different ways of doing it with a combination of four track, microphone, MIXER (which hadn't been used for about 10 years, since VOON recorded with it), guitar pickup and COMPUTER. I ended up plugging the microphone DIRECTLY into the back of the computer and recording BOTH vocals and guitar on it by, cunningly, stepping back a bit. It actually sounds pretty good, i was a bit FRUSTRATED that such LOW TECH would have the best results, but am quite CHUFFED with what I ended up with - versions of "Clubbing In The Week", "Hey Hey 16K", "Red & White Sockets", "Breaks In The Journey", "Sod It Let's Get Pissed", "Two Little Boys", "The Perfect Love Song" and "I Come From The Fens". I also recorded a version of Billy Braggs "Brickbat", but it sounded a bit rubbish, so I did "Two Little Boys" instead as a) i LIKE it and b) it keeps getting mentioned in comparison to "Leave My Brother Alone". A I say, I'm quite pleased with it, and I'll see about getting some of it stuck up on the website when I get back.

Meanwhile, I've just ENACTED a NEW IDEA - a newsletter! I seem to be emailing people quite a bit at the moment with gig news and stuff, so I thought I'd try doing it properly with a monthly mailout called (CUNNINGLY) The Last Working Day Of The Month. This month's issue is HERE, and if you'd like to get sent it regularly do let me know won't you?

posted 28/2/2005 by MJ Hibbett

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