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Blog: Live Pictures

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I've been ALERTED to some photographs of our gig on Monday, HERE. You can see what I mean about Emma's Effort Making putting me and Tom to shame!

There's also some ON TOUR pictures of The Chemistry Experiment over on the liverjournal section of their site - bless, they seem to have MUCH FUN, and i feel a) nostalgic for the Hibbett/Machine/Hectors TOUR and b) a bit jealous. Still, it's not long now until our STUDIO SOJOURN, i am sure there will be LARKS and HIJINKS aplenty then! Maybe we will stay up Quite Late!

posted 2/6/2005 by MJ Hibbett

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Talking of the ever lovely Chemistry Experiment, there's a free video download of them (and one of John Sims)just available at
posted 3/6/2005 by Dave D

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