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Blog: Who's Bringing The Dry Ice?

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I headed up to Kentish Town after work last night - I like going up there, it's a place full of memories of GRATE nights out, pretty much all of which occurred at The Bull & Gate, but this time I was off to B3ta Towers to talk VIDOES.

To summarise the current position: we were going to do an update of "Hey Hey 16K" to tie in with the launch of this joystick thing that had Commodore 64 games in it. That doesn't look like it's actually happening any more, but I'd sent Rob and Lucy From B3ta a rough copy of the new album and they'd become quite KEEN on doing "The Gay Train" instead. And now, on with today's exciting episode...

Rob had explained their idea to me on email as me sitting in the middle of a toy train set, singing the song, with some Barbie Dolls. HOWEVER, when they explained it to me a bit more it became something more GROOVY - the basic idea is going to be that i am A Guy who went to the Pride Festival years ago, had a Life Changing Experience, and is trying to RECREATE the whole thing using Items from his flat to explain it. SUDDENLY i imagined it being like one of those "white room" vidoes from the 1980s, you know the sort of thing I mean, where there's the band, some props, and a lot of messing around. Billy Bragg and co in "Sexuality" is the example I would give - like THAT.

We talked over IDEAS and it all sounded rather GOOD. I'd been a bit worried that if we were going for LARFS then it might go a bit "Ooh, The Gays! They are funny!" which is not the point of the song AT ALL, and I think we're going to be OK, especially if we get to have the choir of moustachioed teddy bear ANGELS in the middle bit. That'll be ACE!

I left with a head full of THORTS, rather excited about the prospect of A PROPER VIDOE. It was only on the tube home I realised that, really, a Meeting With The Vidoe Directors is supposed to be a bit more... well, ROCK AND ROLL. Yes, it was nice to meet their young son, and also Rocky The B3ta Cat, and all was domestic activity and loveliness, but where were the tequilas? Eh? Were they out of SWIMMING POOLS in Tesco? Had no-one even ASKED Pepsi and Shirely to come round?

Sometimes the Rock And Roll, it's not like on the telly. Now, where did i park my YACHT?

posted 4/4/2006 by MJ Hibbett

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