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Blog: Discography Enlargement

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Exciting news today as we welcome a NEW MEMBER to the Complete Discography: it's the Phoenix FM Creative Sessions CD! This is the stuff that they recorded at the beginning of the year in ESSEX when they had about 15,000 bands going through Creative Studio one every hour. My track is the version of "The Symbol Of Our Nation" that I recorded with the chaps from the station singing backing vocals, which I think went quite well. It costs a fiver plus 99p P&P, and it's all in aid of funding the station, which has just got it's full-time broadcasting licence - more details HERE!

I'm also playing at their all-dayer on Sunday at Hannakin's Farm in Billericay, so if anybody's in the ESSEX area do come along won't you? I should be on about 7.30pm, I think. I shall ALSO be on in the LONDON ZONE again this Friday when I play at "The Most Pointless Night Of Your Life" at The Red Rose Comedy Club in Finsbury Park. This should be quite an interesting night, also a GOOD one as not only The Lovely Brothers but ALSO The Graham Parsnip (etc) Experiment are playing, BOTH of whom are ace. I'm doing a 20 minute set of the more jolly songs, though I'm not sure which those are yet!

In amongst all this LIVE ROCKING I've also spent the past couple of days working on ADMIN. You'll be pleased to hear that the artwork for the single and album is in CMYK format now - I'm sure many of you will have been worrying about that - and that I've now FINALLY finished the fully discography for the new version of the website. It took a LOT of work that bit - I've been on a few CDs with VERY lengthy tracklists, which even the labels involved couldn't bring themselves to type out and put online, and an alarmingly large number of releases who only seem to exist HERE on this website. It is also a truth VERIFIED by experience (by ME) that the more bands you HAVE on a compilation, the more complicated their names will be, the longer their song titles will become, and the less sense any of them will make.

You'll see what I mean when it all Goes Live hopefully - it does look rather good though!

posted 19/4/2006 by MJ Hibbett

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