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Blog: Great Homosexuals Of Our Time

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As mentioned a while back, instead of doing that Hey Hey 64K thing, me and Mr And Mrs Manuel are going to be doing a VIDEO of "The Gay Train" soon, to come out when the ALBUM does. As part of this we're going to try and create CROWD SCENES using household implements, cuddly toys, action men etc etc, and I thought one way of doing this would be to create MASKS of some kind, featuring Well Known Homosexuals.

Now, as also previously mentioned, what i REALLY REALLY want to avoid with this is doing ANYTHING that implies laughing AT people, or pandering to dreary old conventional stereotypes of The Gayness - that's NOT what the song's about, for one thing, and anyway it's a sneery sort of Easy Laffs attitude that i think we see too much of In This Day And Age. What I'm after is people who are GRATE and ALSO Gay, and I thought I might THROW OPEN the doors of THORT to people reading the site.

My main examples are two GRATE HEROES of mine, Peter Tatchell and Russell T Davies (especially the latter as hopefully he will see the vidoe, become my new best friend, and make me the new ASSISTANT in Series 3 - this is BOUND to happen), but i just wondered if anybody else had some TOP QUALITY PEOPLE they would like to nominate? I'm going to be making the masks next week some time, so an early nomination would be helpful.

Oh yeah, and also it'd need to be people who are actually OUT, LEST anyone gets upset and we end up in a Tom Hanks's Oscar Speech TEACHER Guy Farrago. Thus Matthew Paris: OK, Leading Film Actor That Even The Six O'Clock News Sniggers About: NOT SO MUCH.

posted 27/4/2006 by MJ Hibbett

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To help with identifying some GHooT, I suggest you buy a few gay lifestyle magazines from your newsagent over the weekend. And you're not allowed to say "They're only for research." Not only will you get some ideas of GHooT (possibly with pictures that you can make directly into masks), but you might feel strangely... liberated.
posted 27/4/2006 by Dan

NB I also got confused trying to work out who Guy Farrago is. Great name!
posted 27/4/2006 by Dan
posted 27/4/2006 by Anonymous

I vote for Andy Warhol & Joe Orton - my favourite all time gayers!
posted 27/4/2006 by Francis

greatest living englishman stephen fry and the mighty rufus wainwright!
posted 27/4/2006 by stevedomino

wasn;t leonardo da vinci gay? and vegetarian too. he knew what was going on, even if his helicopter was rubbish.
posted 1/5/2006 by Anonymous

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