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45-47 Lothian Street
0131 225 6313

Here's all the gigs that we have logged at this venue. If there's a blog entry you can read it by clicking on the date.

Monday 4 August 2008
My Exciting Life In ROCK First night of the show - 30 people in but I was a bit nervous.
  (setlist available)

Tuesday 5 August 2008
My Exciting Life In ROCK Only four people in so I did the show Totally Acoustically and had a GRATE time.
  (setlist available)

Wednesday 6 August 2008
My Exciting Life In ROCK There were 25 people this time, and it was a WHOLE lot of fun, with a live satellite link-up to Steve Lamacq on 6Music!
  (setlist available)

Thursday 7 August 2008
My Exciting Life In ROCK This show featuring S Hewitt demonstrating how to do The Indie Kid.
  (setlist available)

Friday 8 August 2008
My Exciting Life In ROCK A barefoot show for a small audience, including three disgruntled teenagers who became even MORE so when The Management CONFISCATED their hip flask, resulting in the only bad review of the show!!
  (setlist available)

Saturday 9 August 2008
My Exciting Life In ROCK Final night, and best of the lot, with a big happy audience and MUCH good times.
  (setlist available)

Friday 7 August 2009
Dinosaur Planet First night at The Fringe - about 20 people including two very small children who enjoyed the evisceration then went to sleep and one Bright Young Lad who DEMANDED a sequel.
  (setlist available)

Saturday 8 August 2009
Dinosaur Planet 8 people, some slight gabbling!
  (setlist available)

Sunday 9 August 2009
Dinosaur Planet About 50 people in for the best one so far, MUCH LARFS!
  (setlist available)

Monday 10 August 2009
Dinosaur Planet Nervous about the press for this one and ended up doing two songs the wrong way round. Needn't have worried so much - the teenager who came to see it doesn't seem to have bothered writing it up!
  (setlist available)

Wednesday 12 August 2009
Dinosaur Planet One of the most precise, also SOBER performances, tho i got a bit distracted.
  (setlist available)

Thursday 13 August 2009
Dinosaur Planet Disastrous missing out of TEN WHOLE MINUTES narrowly averted, otherwise lots of fun.
  (setlist available)

Friday 14 August 2009
Dinosaur Planet First afternoon show with not many in and no drinking beforehand made it a bit heavy going.
  (setlist available)

Saturday 15 August 2009
Dinosaur Planet Saving the best for last, a GRATE night featuring The Space Dinosaur Hornpipe!
  (setlist available)

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