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The Last Working Day Of The Month: Issue 31

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(MJ Hibbett & The Validators FACT, August 30th 2007 )

Hello all, and welcome to this slightly early issue of our ACTION PACKED NEWSLETTER. Let's DO IT shall we?


This month we shall be playing the following places:

Saturday September 1 - Ray's Mum's Back Garden, Stourbridge
(An old tradition returns!)

Sunday September 2 - Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes, London
(Afternoon spot at PopArt's Comic Books all-dayer)

Friday September 28 - The Albany, London
(Playing at the London Loves club)

Check for further details.


I've had some right nice gigs this month. There was a trip down to Brighton to play with The Lovely Brothers and The Bobby McGees, which was sunshiney, fun, and featured DELICIOUS beer, then it was up to Leicester to see pals and have GOOD TIMES at Glynfest, and finally I did one of my Totally Acoustic gigs in London with the marvellous Mr Peter Green, and it was GRATE. Gigs are ACE!


We had a Validators Meeting the other night, during which we scheduled some further recording sessions, as well as HONING four new songs, LEARNING another and WRITING another. It was PRODUCTIVE! The plan is STILL to get it all finished by Christmas and released in the New Year - so far, so good!

Meanwhile the Solo Album has been coming along VERY well, with all twelve songs started and most nearly finished, with a FEAST of Guest Artistes to add in to the mix. So far it's sounding pretty much as predicted - very similar to the cassettes I used to record in my attic, but with more ukeleles - and i am enjoying it IMMENSELY. It should be out mid-October on iTunes and in a limited PHYSICAL edition of 200, and there'll be PLENTY of news on that next time.


Talking of solo albums, there's going to be some MERCHANDISE to go with it - BADGES (which will probably just come with the CD) and also T-SHIRTS. I'm designing them at the moment, and they look NICE! I'm also booking up some GIGS to go with the launch - it's all RATHER exciting!

And that's about the lot for this time - do please check the website ( for updates as the month progresses and hopefully see you back here next time for more!



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