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The Last Working Day Of The Month: Issue 38

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(MJ Hibbett & The Validators FACT, March 31st 2008 )

Hello all, and welcome to this SINGLE LAUNCHING edition of the newsletter. Let's ROCK!


Over the coming month and a bit we shall be ROCKING as follows:

Saturday April 5 - Cardigan Arms, Leeds
Sunday April 6 - Leonard's, London
(Pennfest, variously featuring The Scaramanga Six, Penny Broadhurst,
Brontosaurus Chorus, The Fighting Cocks [Leeds] , The Seven Inches
[Leeds] Friends Of The Bride [London] and more)

Friday April 11 - The Perseverance, London *
(Acoustical Set at Freedom Of Expression)

Tuesday April 22 - The Lamb, London *
(Totally Acoustic night, with Frankie Machine)

Thursday May 1 - Lee Rosy's Tea Room, Nottingham
(With Frankie Machine and Phil Wilson of The June Brides)

Saturday May 3 - Monkey Chews, London
(With Zipper, Horowitz and The Bumblebees.)

Sunday May 4 - Fox & Firkin, London
(On at 4pm at the FoxFest All-Dayer) *

Monday May 5 - University of Sheffield Students' Union, Sheffield *
(The Fuzz Club BBQ)

Thursday May 8 - Jamm, Brixton, London *
(Offline night with Gin Riots and The Boycott Coca-Cola Experience)

Check for further details.
* means it's a solo gig, otherwise expect Validators!


A month of unusual gigs and DRUNKENESS began with one of my strangest gigs in a long time at Monkey Chews in Camden, with diverse other acts including a naked poet. I did an unexpected (TIDDLY) spot supporting Frankie Machine in Derby, had a BRILLIANT night playing with Jimmy from The Bobby McGees at Totally Acoustic and then a DELIGHTFUL afternoon spot on The Battersea Barge with The Validators, which was only slightly marred by me going back onstage four hours later to brutalise "Country House". It wasn't pretty!


"Do The Indie Kid" is OFFICIALLY out on April 7th but you can get in early RIGHT NOW and buy the 7" Single version from , if you'd like to. Mr Steve Lamacq played it last week and it sounded GRATE on the radio (I thought so anyway!), so we're all rather excited about it. It also features "The Drummer's Lament" on the b-side along with snippets of Music Of The Future, and should also be available next week as a download from The Usual Outlets. It's also on our Myspace page!

In other news, further sessions have gone on for our next album. With all my vocals pretty much done and Tom and Emma going in over the next couple of weeks to get their bits sorted we're getting perilously close to the Sticking Synthesisers On Top stage. WHOO!

Also, thanks very much to everybody who LEAPT IN and bought copies of "All Around My House", the EXTREMELY limited edition album I wrote during February Album Month, hope you liked it!


I'm currently putting together a VIDEO for "Do The Indie Kid", which should hopefully be finished by this weekend - I'll let you know when it's sorted out!

"My Exciting Life In ROCK" is now OFFICIALLY part of the Edinburgh Fringe, which means I've REALLY got to get it worked out. I had a quick go at it at the last Totally Acoustic, and will be doing a bit more at the next one - currently it is SUBTLY CHANGING from being vaguely stand-up (and there's a REASON I stopped doing that) to becoming like a gig with slightly more COHERENT stories between the songs. Only SLIGHTLY more coherent tho...

And finally, this month has seen not one but TWO cover versions of our stuff. Jules does a lovely version of "A Million Ukeleles" at , and RayZyN has a charming electro-ROMP through "Programming Is A Poetry For Our Time" at . I was IMMENSELY chuffed with both!

And I think that's about it for now - thanks for listening, and see you next time!



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