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The Last Working Day Of The Month: Issue 40

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(MJ Hibbett & The Validators FACT, May 30th 2008 )

Hello all, and welcome to this FABULOUS FORTIETH edition of the newsletter. Let's GO!


This month I shall ROCKING the following JOINTS:

Friday May 30 - The Prince Albert, Brixton
(Offline club with Helen McCookeryBook and The Boycott Coca Cola Experience)

Tuesday June 10 - The Lamb, London
(Totally Acoustic, with special guest Jim'll's Brain)

Wednesday June 18 - Buffalo Bar, London
(Goonite Club, with The Indelicates)

Tuesday July 1 - The Lamb, London
('Dress Rehearsal' of My Exciting Life In ROCK)

It's all very London-y I know, but I'll be out and about again soon - check for further details!


LOADS of gigs this month, with the Accidental Tour taking me to Nottingham, Camden, Lewisham, Sheffield, STOKE, Brixton and Leicester. HIGHLIGHTS included watching The Validators play "In The Rain" TWICE with Mr Phil Wilson, discovering that Stoke is, actually, LOVELY, finding a new favourite band in The Boycott Coca-Cola Experience, and getting 30 Students to JOIN IN with "The Music Of The Future" in Sheffield! Also, of course, seeing LOADS of really lovely people - thanks everyone who came, it was, and always IS, VERY much appreciated!


We're full steam ahead on the NEXT single now, which will be 'It Only Works Because You're Here'. The VIDEO is being shot this weekend, cover designs are being worked up, and the b-sides (and BONUS TRACKS) are being finalised. The plan is to tie it ALL in with the Edinburgh Show, 'My Exciting Life In ROCK', with a release date of July 21. LOTS more news on that next time!

Meanwhile The Pattisons were in the studio the other week to do some GORGEOUS vocals (Emma) and VIBRASLAP (Tim). Tom's in this weekend to do some STRINGS, so we're slowly but surely moving towards completion. Next job: rough mixes then OVERDUBS!


We're TICKING the Big List Of Things To Do for 'My Exciting Life In ROCK' like MAD at the moment. We've got train tickets, accommodation, a venue, a POSTER and - oh yes - the show ITSELF pretty much sorted out. Myself and Mr S Hewitt have been working HARD and are feeling justifiably PLEASED, also RELIEVED that everything is pretty much on track. We've even got a venue for the press preview - a press preview! GET US!

As you can see from the gig list, we're doing a Dress Rehearsal at The Lamb on July 1st. If anybody fancies coming along that'd be lovely - it'll be like the usual Totally Acoustic gigs except with just me, and with stories you may WELL have heard before!

In other news, I VERY NEARLY sold my soul to MAMMON by writing a song for a mobile phone advert. In the end they decided to go with something else, but it was a CLOSE RUN THING. I must admit I really enjoyed it, with any luck I'll get to have another go!

And I think that's about it for now - thanks for listening!



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