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The Last Working Day Of The Month: Issue 41

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(MJ Hibbett & The Validators FACT, June 30th 2008 )

Hello all, and welcome to this SUMMERTIME SPECIAL edition of the newsletter. Let's GO!


This month I shall ROCKING the following JOINTS:

Tuesday July 1 - The Lamb, London
('Dress Rehearsal' of My Exciting Life In ROCK!)

Monday July 7 - The Red House, Sheffield
(with The School, Slow Down Tallahassee and The Pete Green Corporate Juggernaut)

Monday July 14 - The Cross Kings, London
(Press Launch for My Exciting Life In ROCK! with support from Mr Pete Green)

Friday July 18 - The Perseverance, London
(Freedom of Expression)

Friday July 25 - Indietracks Festival
(Validators version of My Exciting Life In ROCK!)

Thursday July 31 - Boston Music Rooms, London
(launch night for Apples For Everyone's new album)

And then we're off to Edinburgh for the Festival - more information at


Only a couple of gigs this month, both in London. Totally Acoustic, with Jim'll's Brain, was lovely as ever, and then at The Buffalo Bar I was surprised to play with a DIRTY DOZEN-esque collection of people I sort of knew from all sorts of different bands, in the Keith TOTP All-Stars. It was disconcerting!


On July 21st we'll be releasing our brand new single, "It Only Works Because You're Here" (also known as "The My Exciting Life In ROCK EP"). It features the title track, two brand new b-sides, and then four of our GRATEST HITS, which appear within the show. Here's the full tracklisting:

1. It Only Works Because Youíre Here
2. Sod It, Letís Get Pissed
3. Professional, Competent, Rocking And Tight

4. I Did A Gig In New York
5. The Lesson Of The Smiths
6. Easily Impressed
7. Do The Indie Kid

It should be available on iTunes AND on Amazon [also Other Online Retailers] this time, as well as from our online shop, and as usual it'll be available a few days EARLY for you lovely people on the mailing list. There's ALSO be a VIDEO for "It Only Works Because You're Here" which is FILMED and very nearly FINISHED. It's looking GRATE so far - I'm hoping to get it online the week before release day, and when it's ready I'll send you an email to let you know, as well as to give the weblink for the early bird sales.

A Press Launch, a video, and a co-ordinated release across different formats? We're reaching terrifying levels of NEAR COMPETENCE!!


As mentioned last time, I recently NEARLY did a song for a mobile phone advert. That song, "No Room", is now up on YOUTUBE along with a video telling the story of how it all happened - HERE: .

I think that's ENOUGH for this month - thanks for listening, and stand by for the single!



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